Weekly Rides (page 1)

The BBC strives to operate under a system of three fairly distinct categories of ride, based primarily on how aggressive they are in speed. The length of the rides will vary from time to time along with the style (hill repeat, flats, training, etc.) but the intention is that the relative speeds be reliable.

A sample of the routes regularly followed on these rides is located on the navigation bar to the left under “Route Maps”. The starting location and start time for the rides is intended to be the same, subject to group preferences, so that on any given day a rider may decide to step up a notch or down, depending on his or her preference and the size of the ride. Nobody should avoid attending a ride out of fear that he or she will be “outclassed” from the start, but be realistic about the group you wish to start with and be prepared with water and other sensible requisites.

The BBC utilizes its Yahoo Groups site to announce ride changes and schedules and to broadcast reminders of the ride schedules and other events to the membership. See: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/BBC-Bike/info

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