Weekly Rides (page 2)

The following is roughly how the ride categories break down, subject to refinements based upon attendance on any given day:

"A" Rides - extremely aggressive; meant for people who aspire to race quality cycling. Average speed of 20 mph+ for extended distances. Anybody who can't keep up gets "dropped." Certain few BBC members do these rides on a regular basis.

"B" Rides - average speed 18-20 mph for ordinary distances. No drops. Everybody who rides hard with the group finishes with the group, with the assistance of the rest. By the end of the season, many BBC riders will be able to fit into this category if they make an effort. The goal is to work on speed and safe group riding skills. However, this is not intended to be a killingly aggressive pace, and the speed is adjusted to make it work.

"C" Rides - average speed 16-18 mph. No drops. This is a very comfortable pace for riders of reasonable overall fitness, unless the day’s route has a ton of headwind and lots of hills. The goal here is to increase speed and endurance and also improve riding skills. This category of ride is well attended, and it is often split between relative newcomers to road cycling and experienced, albeit more casual, riders.

“A” and “B” rides generally will range from 40 up to 60 miles. “C” rides will normally stay in the 25 to 30 miles range. If a large number of riders attend a ride wishing to participate in a particular level, that group will be divided further to avoid creating too large a mass on the roads.