Our Mission
The Barrington Bicycle Club (BBC) promotes the social, environmental and health benefits of safe cycling in the Barrington area that are enhanced when it is a shared experience. Recognizing that we ride in a special region, the members strive to practice good stewardship of the roads that we share with other forms of transportation. The BBC encourages education in safe cycling and motoring practices on shared roads, appropriate etiquette at all times, and continuing public advocacy for the development and improvement of bicycle routes and facilities.

The club has a variety of rides during the cycling season. A general description of the weekly rides can be found at the website rides link and the club’s Groups.io site. Specific information about the times and routes are sent to club members each week.

Sponsors/Member Discounts
The BBC enjoys a long and beneficial relationship with its primary sponsor, Village CycleSport, which offers BBC members discounts on bikes and all related gear and services. Support the bike shop that supports our club. Your active membership is good for the following discounts at both Village CycleSport locations in Barrington and Arlington Heights. 

• In-Stock accessories: 15% Off
• Special Order Accessories: 10% Off
• Service Labor: 15% Off
• Bikes: 7% Off
• Electronics (Smart Trainers, GPS Computers, etc.): 10% Off 

The program is a personal discount only. Applies only to active BBC members.